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POSTED: 23 Sep 16 12:00

“The book has a powerful feeling of a documentary, of being in the moment with Warhol and his band of artists as they created their own countercultural universe.” Gay & Lesbian Review published an excellent review of Billy Name: The Silver Age, following his sad recent passing. Read here.

POSTED: 23 Sep 16 12:00

"The 2001 File illustrates that even with a prodigious polymath auteur like Kubrick in charge, cinema is a collective creative endeavor." Sight & Sound offer a great review of The 2001 File, which is available to read here.

POSTED: 19 Sep 16 12:00

SFGate introduce the incredible new installation at the SFJazz building, featuring images from Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall. To read about how this stunning display came about, click here.

POSTED: 12 Sep 16 12:00

"Jazz hipsters had their own, timelessly stylish take on the Ivy Look, which still has many lessons to teach us, in this much-less-hip future we now inhabit."

Mr. Porter run through some of the timeless style on display in Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall.


Check it out here.

POSTED: 12 Sep 16 12:00

“With each page, Marshall's photographs turn common music moments into milestones. ” All About Jazz offer a fantastic insight into Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall with their article on the book, available to read here.

POSTED: 09 Sep 16 12:00

"He was chronicling a brief utopian moment amid the gathering storm of protest and often violent reprisal that would define the civil rights era of the early-to-mid 1960s." - The Guardian's excellent piece on Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall can be read here.

POSTED: 31 Aug 16 12:00

Peter Angelo Simon & D.A. Pennebaker to Launch 'Muhammad Ali: Fighter's Heaven 1974' at Rizzoli.