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POSTED: 26 Sep 16 12:00

"Marshall's shimmering photographs of those lazy summer days when the giants of jazz mingled with the crowd won't be seen as just a celebration of their music. It'll be the epitaph for an era."

CNN's recent piece on Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall is available to read here.

POSTED: 26 Sep 16 12:00

"It seems Jazz is the most visual of aural mediums"

Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh sat down with Robert Elms on his BBC Radio London radio show on saturday morning to discuss Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall. Covering everything from social significance of jazz in the 60s, to the immaculate style on display from performers and attendees. Click here and skip to 01:10 for the interview.

POSTED: 23 Sep 16 12:00

“The book has a powerful feeling of a documentary, of being in the moment with Warhol and his band of artists as they created their own countercultural universe.” Gay & Lesbian Review published an excellent review of Billy Name: The Silver Age, following his sad recent passing. Read here.

POSTED: 23 Sep 16 12:00

"The 2001 File illustrates that even with a prodigious polymath auteur like Kubrick in charge, cinema is a collective creative endeavor." Sight & Sound offer a great review of The 2001 File, which is available to read here.

POSTED: 19 Sep 16 12:00

SFGate introduce the incredible new installation at the SFJazz building, featuring images from Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall. To read about how this stunning display came about, click here.

POSTED: 12 Sep 16 12:00

"Jazz hipsters had their own, timelessly stylish take on the Ivy Look, which still has many lessons to teach us, in this much-less-hip future we now inhabit."

Mr. Porter run through some of the timeless style on display in Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall.


Check it out here.

POSTED: 12 Sep 16 12:00

“With each page, Marshall's photographs turn common music moments into milestones. ” All About Jazz offer a fantastic insight into Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall with their article on the book, available to read here.