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POSTED: 06 May 14 12:00

"Feinstein was able to capture an intimate view of McQueen that shows an unusual warmth to the usually ice-cool actor, while proving once again that McQueen’s detached, thoughtful persona was more fact than film fiction."

GQ South Africa review Unseen McQueen.

POSTED: 06 May 14 12:00

"This handsome volume stands well apart from most coffee-table photography books."

iPhotoCentral review Photographers book.

POSTED: 17 Mar 14 12:00

Artist Talk: Hunter Barnes
A Testimony of Serpent Handling

MOBIA, New York
April 17

Hunter Barnes is a photographer who focuses his artistic gaze on the faces of groups of people who are consistently misrepresented in the modern American narrative. At MOBIA he will speak about his project and book, A Testimony of Serpent Handling, and share images and personal stories from his time spent in West Virginia. “I was invited by the families and congregation of my friend’s Serpent Handling churches in West Virginia to live and document their lives. The people in these photographs took me in as one of their own. I was shown a way of life sometimes unseen and able to share their story.” - Hunter Barnes

Free. Registration is suggested but not required. For more information or to register, please click on the "register" tab here, call (212) 408-1500, or email info@mobia.org.

POSTED: 07 Feb 14 12:00

"Sid shot almost every cinema giant of the mid-20th century and pulled off a feat surpassing even that: he captured them unguarded, stripping away the studio and P.R. artifice to find the people hiding underneath."

In Vanity Fair's celebrated '20th Annual Hollywood Issue', R|A|P's stunning publication, Sid Avery: The Art of the Hollywood Snapshot, inspires a ten-page spread devoted to Sid's remarkable talent.

POSTED: 29 Jan 14 12:00

To Celebrate Black History Month

Exhibition at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates national Black History Month with Jammin’ Jazzin’ & Jivin’: Jazz on Film exhibit and free film series inspired by the exhibition.

The exhibition features 27 posters spanning nearly 70 years of jazz-related cinema. These promotional posters are works of art in themselves. Jammin’, Jazzin’ & Jivin’: Jazz on Film helps illustrate the connection between jazz and its close relatives – rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie – and how these genres found audiences in the African American community and,soon after, worldwide. Numerous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees including Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Bessie Smith and Quincy Jones are featured.

Exhibition Open Now! And film series starts Wednesday, 12 February.

For more information, visit www.rockhall.com

Posters are from the collection of The Separate Cinema Archive.

POSTED: 20 Dec 13 12:00

The Independent on Sunday take a look at Dennis Stock's photographs of the opening of the Guggenheim. Taken from Dennis Stock: American Cool.

Photograph: Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos