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POSTED: 13 Aug 14 12:00

To coincide with the release of Woodstock, the new book of photographs taken by Baron Wolman at the iconic music festival, Peter Doggett discusses the new event with Wolman and its creator Michael Lang. The release marks Woodstock’s 45-year anniversary.
"We’re lucky that Wolman was there with his camera recording many aspects of the Woodstock moment that cannot be found in the movie. It is a deeply nostalgic book but without an ounce of sentimentality." BBC

POSTED: 29 Jul 14 12:00

"Forty-five years on, Woodstock remains the touchstone for the festival dream... Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer, attended and captured the essence of Woodstock."

Harper's Bazaar article on Woodstock

POSTED: 29 Jul 14 12:00

"The 60s were simply wildly photogenic in every way imaginable ... the changes that were taking place in the heads of the people were visually manifested. I mean, how could you not take pictures?’ - Baron Wolman


i-D feature on Woodstock

POSTED: 29 Jul 14 12:00

"Wolman had spent the summer touring US music festivals, photographing musicians on stage. "I was getting tired of it," he recalls.

So looking around at Woodstock – the crowds, the cows, the mud, the drugs – Wolman decided to switch focus and shoot the spectators." 

The Guardian feature on Woodstock

POSTED: 29 Jul 14 12:00

"The Glastonbury super fence looks like you're in a prison, you can't even get out without a pass. These fences were more of a demarcation line of the festival area, clearly they weren't made to keep people out." - Baron Wolman

BBC News feature on Woodstock