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POSTED: 11 Nov 15 12:00

The British Journal of Photography spoke to Dagon James, co-editor of Brigid Berlin Polaroids, about whittling down Brigid's Polaroids from her vast archive for the book. Read here.

POSTED: 10 Nov 15 12:00

Another magazine spoke to Bill Bernstein about Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs. Read the article here.

POSTED: 04 Nov 15 12:00

New York - Michael Shulman on "Cuba 1959" by Burt Glinn

Michael will share and describe the stories behind the incredible photos of the Magnum great, some published for the first time, in this relevant and powerful tome coming out this fall from Reel Art Press. He will discuss the inception of the book, the editing process, and where the work fits in with Burt Glinn’s 50 plus years career. Books will be available at a special discount for ASPP members and guests.

“New Year’s Eve, 1958, 10pm: Magnum photographer Burt Glinn is at a black tie party in New York when he hears news that dictator Fulgencio Batista has fled Cuba. By 7am the next morning, Glinn is in a cab in Havana, saying, “Take me to the revolution.”

Such photojournalistic fervour allowed Glinn to be in the middle of the action to capture the Cuban Revolution as it unfolded on the ground. As Glinn said, “I could get up as close as I wanted.” His magnificent photographs convey the revolutionary idealism, mayhem and excitement of that moment in history. The book includes some of Glinn’s most iconic Cuban photographs, as well as unseen shots, in both black and white and colour. From gunshots being fired, confusion on the streets, the rounding up of the Batista Secret Police, spontaneous gatherings, embracing revolutionaries returning home to mothers, and, of course, Fidel Castro’s triumphant entrance into Havana.

Glinn is famously quoted as saying, “I think that what you’ve got to do is discover the essential truth of the situation, and have a point of view about it.” This amazing volume celebrates his ability to do just that.

Michael Shulman, Director of Publishing, Broadcast and Film at Magnum Photos, and co-editor of “Cuba 1959”, will discuss the inception of the book, the editing process, and where the work fits in with Burt Glinn’s 50 plus years career. He has been with Magnum since 2002, and has worked at several major photo agencies since 1993. He is also a consultant for Reel Art Press. “Cuba 1959” is the first in a series of books of Burt Glinn’s work to  be published by Reel Art Press.


Thursday, November 12, 2015
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

33 Union Square West, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

ASPP Members: $5, Non Members: $10.

Registration and further information here.


POSTED: 04 Nov 15 12:00

The Village Voice offer a great review of Disco: The Bill Berstein Photographs. Click here to read.

POSTED: 04 Nov 15 12:00

Brigid Berlin Polaroids' write up in New York Magazine can be read here.

POSTED: 03 Nov 15 12:00

Bill Bernstein: 'I always left feeling high – I can’t tell if it was just the pounding music, the light show, or the smell'. Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs's excellent feature in The Independent's can be read here.

POSTED: 28 Oct 15 12:00

Black and White Photography magazine offer a great feature on Cuba 1959, and name the accompanying show at the Serena Morton Gallery in West London their exhibition of the month. Read here.